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The accuracy of Fixed Curvic Couplings permits the percise indexing and repeatablility required on this turret lathe, Similar applications are commonly found on multiple spindle drills and on boring mill turrets.
The tooth configuration of the fixed Curvic Coupling is clearly shown on this marine rader part.
a fixed Curvic Coupling used In assembling a three blade propeller hub to a drive shaft, Note the double row of coupling teeth, ground in a single setup, used to provide clearance for the clamping bolts.
Curvic Coupling s are used to enable separate manufacture of bevel gear and long shaft.
A section of a crankshaft showing the Fixed Curvic Coupling. Crank. Pins, crankwebs and journals were made separately for ease of manufacture and handling.
Section of turbine rotor shows how the Curvic Coiplings mesh to provide an accurate, compact self-contained connection of rotor elements.